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always committed to security


The motto of the Kawalan Perwira (M) Sdn Bhd is "ALWAYS COMMITTED TO SECURITY". It is the company's policy to provide services to clients with full commitments and responsibility so as to attain the level of job performance to satisfy the expectation of our customers.

The company is fully aware of the security agency's responsibilities to discharge its function with dedication and proficiency in order to ensure that the services provided meet the client requirements at all times. As such it is the Company's policy to maintain a high service standard and good work ethics ensuring accountability by way of developing and inculcating Good working culture within the work force that are conscious the threat and risks involved.

In this respect, the Company is employing more ex-army personnel from Nepal. It is a known fact these Nepalese workers have the distinct quality of being diligence, dignity, respect and sheer devoting in making a living by hard work. Their sense of responsibility, discipline and good work ethic is of high-level standard of expectation